Viewing the surroundings

One of the Alekseevskaya Tower business center benefits is its position. Located 500 meters from Prospect Mira, the building dominates the context area. Magnificent views of VDNKh, Ostankino Tower and the green area of Sokolniki Park can be seen from the height of the Tower. We took a panoramic photo of the area (the "turn around" button is at the top of the screen) for you to share our delight and come to see it with your own eyes!

The roof is not only the place to admire the surroundings, it is an important amenity in the modern building. The helicopter landing site in case of emergency is on the roof of the Tower. We do care of our guests!


Typical floors (4th to 18th)

The floors of the administrative (office) purpose, from the 4th to the 18th floor have the following infrastructure:
- server rooms equipped with racks for connecting automatic telephone exchanges, other equipment of tenants and sockets (RJ-45, RJ-11) in finished offices are located on each floor.
- restrooms for men, women, the disabled.
- 2 electric switchboards on each floor.
- electricity supply is via busbars, which makes it easy to redistribute power floor by floor.
- exits on both sides of the building to evacuate the employees.
- 6 central elevators, equipped with Miconic system.
- VIP-elevator, with limited ASKD access.
- telephone connection with the dispatcher to refer requests on the premise operation.

the following facilities are located on the 1st floor:

- Lobby group with the reception and the automatic access control system (ASKD).
- Lift group of 6 Schindler elevators with the Mikonik intelligent control system.
- VIP elevator serving passengers from the underground parking to all floors.
- Entrance to the bar, restaurant, canteen.
- Dispatch service, security post.

of BC Alekseevskaya Tower mechanical room

There are automated utility systems on the mechanical room. The warehouse or workshops rooms (dry, light) are available to rent.

Underground parking (3 underground floors)

Tenants of the Business Center "Alekseevskaya Tower" can rent a parking slot in the underground parking. To enter into contact for renting parking slots and get more information about the rental cost call at:
8 (968) 378-88-25  &  8 (495) 641-59-78

Our garage is:

- 3 underground levels equipped with traffic safety systems.
- 222 parking slots.
- There are storage rooms for motorcycle and bicycle equipment at each level .
- The parking lot is equipped with automated water fire extinguishing and smoke removal systems, video surveillance. - Room temperature is +10 degrees Celsius.

Convenience, comfort, safety

The BC "Alekseevskaya Tower" offers an excellent underground parking equipped with access control systems and adequate traffic safety systems. Dirt and puddles are cleaned in the garage in winter; it is always warm and dry there.

Free offices
The result is an inconsistent and often confusing approach to solving
governmental problems in a federalist concept.
Business Center "Alekseevskaya Tower" is an office building of "B +" class with a total area of ​​39,980 m2, located in the North-Eastern District of Moscow. Most of the building is a “circle section” with panoramic windows opening up a magnificent view on the main entrance and the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, Ostankino Tower, the Cosmos Hotel. The aboveground part of the building is a tower composition located on a 3-storey stylobate. There are 18 overground and 4 underground floors in the building.
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