Photo gallery

Standart floors

Typical BC Alekseevskaya Tower floor elevator platform

Typical BC Alekseevskaya tower hall floor

BC Alekseevskaya Tower hall 2

BC Alekseevskaya Tower office design example

BC Alekseevskaya Tower office version

BC Alekseevskaya Tower 2 office design example

Typical floor plan

3rd floor (mini offices, fitness)

meeting rooms for rent

mini offices

fitness plan

fitness dome

3rd floor plan

2nd floor (restaurant)

Canteen BC Alekseevskaya tower

Recreation area near the restaurant BC Alekseevskaya tower

Cafe, second floor

Second floor, tables in the cafe

2nd floor plan

1st floor (reception)

View from a separate VIP elevator

Business Center Alekseevskaya Tower first floor halls

1st floor, panorama

1st floor, elevator group


1st floor plan

Technical floor

BC Alekseevskaya Tower utility systems

BC Alekseevskaya Tower utility systems 3

BC Alekseevskaya Tower utility systems 2

Technical floor plan

Undeground Parking

Underground parking BC Alekseevskaya tower

Underground parking - level 1 view, photo number 2

Underground parking - level 1 view

Underground parking plan
business center
Alex Tower

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